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Modular homes offers great flexibility in terms of design, manufacturing and integration. Same as like modular homes, portable toilets can also be built in sections in factory. Prefabricated mini house is quite possibly the next big thing in manufactured homes. According to Swedish building laws, property owners may build a second home on their property without a building permit. This allows homeowners to maximize their lot potential, and create a custom living space on an existing lot.

Prefabricated homes and modular homes are dwellings manufactured in a factory in advance, usually in sections that can be easily sent to the site and integrated. Architecture of a modular home design is very important and should be detailed.

Prefabs are made of composite materials which are manufactured by combination of materials containing different properties such as plastics, concrete and steel. These are specifically designed for longer period of applications or usage.

Modular Homes are extremely durable, as well as water proof, termite proof and borer proof. Due to their longer life of utility and affordable cost, manufactured homes can be used for permanent, semi permanent or temporary applications. Our prefabricated structures are also used in different commercial applications including pre engineered building construction, schools, portable health care centers, portable site offices, shops, telephone booths, police stations, portable toilets or restrooms etc.


  • Schools
  • Residential Units
  • Shopping Center
  • Portable Telephone Booths
  • Portable Toilets & Bathroom or Portable restroom
  • Police Station


  • Highly Durable
  • Water proof
  • Termite proof
  • Most reasonable
  • High Impact Strength
Our manufactured home and portable restrooms comprises all the qualities as stated above giving it very high strength and making it durable for a longer life

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